Unique Single-Rate Offer

In addition to the conventional TEM services, A&T offers a compelling alternative to what traditional national carriers can offer in this setting:

We can provide a seamless access to wireless devices and services:
  • At the same firm-fixed quoted price;
  • From all major carriers;
  • Via a single portal;
  • On one monthly bill;
  • With a uniform set of reports; and
  • A single point of accountability.


We deliver this promise with:
  • A dedicated Program Manager;
  • Working with a unified Project Management Plan;
  • Aided by an experienced back-office operation;
  • Using standardized operating procedures; and
  • Backed by a company that is financially stable and has a long history of successful delivery.


This compelling alternative approach described in the preceding paragraph is based on a solution we developed and have been successfully providing since January 2010.

This All Inclusive Wireless Services offer at a Firmed Fixed Price (FFP) cost for unlimited wireless domestic voice, data, and text messaging is unique in the industry.

With such a service, users simply order wireless devices and services from any carrier from a single source at the same FFP without having to worry about “apples-to-oranges” price comparison across carriers that involves:

  • Varying plan minutes;
  • Weekend minutes;
  • Off-hour weeknight minutes;
  • Inside/outside service provider minutes;
  • Text minutes;
  • Data plans, overages;
  • Device return policies;
  • Device refresh policies;
  • Contract terms; and
  • Other miscellaneous charges.


Users simply focus on which carrier provides the best service in their specific area and what devices suit their needs.

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