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AWS Marketplace provides a new sales channel for ISVs and Consulting Partners to sell their solutions to AWS customers. We make it easy for customers to find, buy, deploy and manage software solutions, including SaaS, in a matter of minutes.
A&T Systems MarketPlace Offerings include:

  • FileXM by A&T Systems Inc.
    FileXM by A&T Systems Inc. dramatically simplifies the Amazon Web Services file transfer process by entirely eliminating the need for coding. FileXM users utilize the intuitive point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface to quickly complete file transfer tasks that previously required custom coding, hours of resources and excess time that businesses today simply don’t have.
  • A&T Systems AWS Data Lake Implementation —
    Data  Ingestion and Data Access: Data Storage Design and Implementation – Provide prescriptive guidance to design and implement a Data Lake storage approach on AWS including what data-store, formats, encryption, compression and access controls.
  • A&T Systems AgentLens Integration for AWS Connect & WebRTC —
    real-time and historical monitoring of agent connectivity quality Identify issues with audio quality in real-time Categorize the quality of interactions by ISP, Location, Software, or Hardware in use Perform historical analyses for an indefinite amount of time, you determine the retention period Capture detailed performance information of the agent’s desktop, laptop, or virtual machine Detailed debugging of the WebRTC stack Exists in your own AWS Account, your data remains protected.
  • A&T Systems AWS Connect QuickStart —
    the Connect QuickStart package deploys an environment in 4-6 weeks with the following parameters: • Up to 100 agents • Up to 5 call flows and 5 queues • Up to 20 total menu items • Announce Estimated Wait Time in the Queue • 100% call recording • Implement AWS ContactLens for transcription, sentiment analysis, and call categorization • Text-based Lex bot for FAQs (up to 10 intents or 20 responses) • Live chat with agents • Refinement and Training of the out-of-box reports for Real-Time and Historical data • Knowledge Transfer session to equip your administrator(s) with the operational details • Integration with ServiceNOW, Zendesk, or Salesforce.
  • A&T Systems Core Managed Services —
    turn-key cloud managed and security services of the customers’ AWS environment with special focus on managing security and compliance. Our security services encompass assessment, implementation, and support so customers can focus staff on strategic priorities and gain confidence that security-related targets are met.
  • A&T Systems AWS Landing Zone —
    design and implement a fully functional, enterprise-grade, scalable AWS Landing Zone (LZ) leveraging AWS Control Tower, that is integrated with the customer’s existing IT ecosystem and provides a well-architected multi-account environment and governance for AWS workloads with rules for security, operations, and internal compliance.
  • A&T Systems Cherwell Integration for AWS Connect —
    provides seamless integration with Cherwell Service Management and AWS Connect provides: • Screenpop to the Cherwell Ticket or to a Search menu • Attach customer contact records to the case notes. • Self-service for customers via Chatbot or IVR • Live chat embedded on the Cherwell End-User Portal • No required maintenance charges • Improve agent productivity by empowering agents to be more proactive”