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Migrating Large Data

AWSDirect for Migrating Data

How to migrate large amount of data from datacenter to AWS Cloud

If your application uses large amount of data, migrating this data to the AWS cloud and completing a smooth cutover can be a tricky and difficult task. In most situations, applications can be transferred, configured, operationalized, tested and be ready to go in the cloud environment well ahead of the cutover date. However, dealing with data can be rather tricky.

In most situations, an application must keep running until certain deadline, e.g, Friday night and then be ready to start in the new environment after a short window of time, e.g, on Monday morning. There are times when this must be performed within even a much tighter maintenance window of few hours.

Within such a tight migration window of time, the data must be transferred to the Cloud environment, properly configured, tested and systems brought back to operation. A&T Systems has developed a special methodology, we call AWSDirect, using a very high speed direct connection to the AWS cloud using dark fiber. With AWSDirect, we have successfully migrated applications with multiple terabytes of data in tight time windows.