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Administrative Telephone Services (ATS)

Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance Support Services (Network, Telephony systems, and Premise cabling/wiring). Services include:

  • Unified Capabilities and Communications (UC):
    Unified capabilities integrates standards-based communication and collaboration services to facilitate the interactive use of multiple communications methods.
  • Outside Plant (OSP) Cable:
    Install, de-install, maintain, repair, and test multiple-conductor aerial, underground, and buried multi-purpose communications cable to include coaxial, fiber optics, and copper/conventional cable. Outside plant cable technicians shall operate digger derricks, bucket trucks, personnel lifts, backhoes, and trenching equipment to provide demand maintenance support. Maintenance responsibilities include all associated telephone poles, manholes, handholds, outside terminals, pedestals, splice points, and bonding and grounding of termination points.
  • Telephone Support Operations:
    The Contractor shall manage, distribute, and publish telephone directories by posting on the installation intranet site a quick reference guide.
  • Customer Service:
    The contractor shall provide technically-qualified personnel to support customer requirements. Requirements include responding to service requests and isolation and repair of communications/infrastructure troubles as identified in installation task orders.
  • Inside Plant:
    The contractor shall provide technically qualified personnel to perform O&M of the Inside Plant (ISP). The contractor shall perform all administrative and O&M functions and routines required for the telephone switching equipment, voice mail, Telephone Management System (TMS), and ancillary equipment installed within the Dial Central Office (DCO).