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Integrated Management System

An Integrated Management System That Communicates Critical Information

Our proven Integrated Management System (IMS), which we have refined over the past 10 years, has two distinct elements. The back-office element on the right ensures smooth electronic conduct of task order and program work. The customer-facing element on the left shows the relation between the back office and our clients, with a SharePoint (SP) portal as the crucial electronic link. It also conveys our understanding that our IMS must provide transparency and collaboration opportunities.

With secure, role-based access, we can adapt the system quickly to offer controlled access to Federal and vendor “roles” for processing task orders and for critical reporting and electronic information capture of client task orders. Our IMS processes every aspect of program and task order management using seven subsystems that we link electronically—for internal and external uses.

  1. Service Level Agreement Subsystem: To track, manage, and enhance performance
  2. Network Operations Control Center (NOCC): We own/operate our a cutting-edge 24/7 NOCC
  3. Trouble Ticketing: Remedy- & MS Dynamics-based Help Desk System to log, track, and resolve issues
  4. MS Project: We use MS Project to manage detail on individual task orders and to coordinate resources and schedules across multiple task orders in client programs
  5. Materials Management System (MMS): Allows us to track and manage materials
  6. Inventory Logistics System (ILS): Lets us manage, track, and deploy inventory
  7. Deltek: Government-certified Enterprise Resource Management system provides comprehensive program management support with Earned Value Management capabilities


Our IMS also includes a SP element that we have evolved on other IDIQ contracts for 11 years to optimize communication among all client program parties as shown below.

Element Category Details
WHO has access to SP system Client Contracting Officers, Contracting Officer’s Technical Representatives, task order leads, researchers, technologists, and other stakeholders
A&T team (prime and subcontractors) Senior executives, back-office staff, project managers, and staff for a specific project
IPT members Involving tasks that transcend one program (if needed and appropriate)
WHAT is available Financial detail Invoices/payments—1) labor and 2) services/parts we order for NIH
Technical Reports and templates, design documents, task orders, master task lists, project status data, IPT communiqués, meeting notes, communications research results, and shared products—e.g., event materials, tutorials, training curricula/resources, databases, podcasts, webinars, online videos, DVDs
Marketing Leads database on past, current, and developing opportunities
Resumes Ranging from executives to subject experts and task personnel
Task order response site Write responsive task order proposals: announce new opportunities and vehicle for partners to respond
Security Applied per task reqts Customized detail for appropriate access