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Federal government, state governments and enterprises are all aggressively pursuing initiatives to reduce the overall energy and real-estate footprint of their data centers with the targeted goals of reduced costs, increased security and improved efficiency. Customers must accomplish this in a challenging environment with real barriers to success that include a lack of upfront funding, an aggressive time line for ROI, poor visibility into the existing IT supply chain and organizational resistance to change.

Though the challenges are considerable, customers have never had so many opportunities to meet those challenges and achieve efficiency gains and cost savings. Resource virtualization, standardization, automation and cloud computing are key techniques now available to help eliminate waste from the enterprise IT and external supply chain.

Our Solution Strengths and Discriminators

A&T Systems has been supporting our customers to meet these challenges and realize the opportunities for their mission critical systems. We bring creative solutions as an honest broker taking a holistic approach to technical, organizational, logistics, contractual, operational and cost constraints.

Working in partnerships with our customers, we:

  • Help our customers make informed decisions regarding IT facilities
  • Implement hardware and software asset management to minimize waste and licensing costs
  • Understand ongoing data center operations in detail—before, during and after consolidation
  • Optimize and automate SDLC and ITIL processes to increase standardization and help minimize risk
  • Manage a dynamic IT supply chain to support high quality service delivery
  • Leverage cloud technologies to realize “quick wins”, minimize CAPEX and reduce OPEX.