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Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Operates, maintains, inspects, aligns, troubleshoots, repairs, removes and/or replaces strategic and tactical microwave equipment (radio equipment, multiplexers, power supplies, cabling, waveguide, antenna, etc.) identified in installation task orders. Services include:

  • LMR Operations and Maintenance
    provides personnel who have experience with equipment involving microwave radio, digital and analog multiplex equipment, receivers and transmitters, digital and analog receiver voting systems, timing/synchronization oscillator systems, simulcast control systems, computer control systems, TDM console switches, consoles, and mobile and portable radio equipment.
  • Tower and Antenna Support
    maintains towers and antennas in accordance with, current American National Standard Institute (ANSI)/TIA-222-H (Structural Standards for Steel Antenna Towers and Supporting Systems), tower manufacturer manual, and current OSHA safety standards, OSHA 29 CFR.