A&T Sysyems Inc.
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Values & Beliefs


  • Achieve controlled growth.
  • Be ambitious in our goals.
  • Share the rewards so that everyone associated with A&T Systems feels rewarded and fulfiled.


  • People, especially A&T Systems employees. wish to excel and grow, and they will if:
    • They are given the opportunity, and
    • They are shown how to.
  • If you wish to grow, make sure you have tasks in your assignment you have never done before. Conversely if yoy know exactly how to do your job, you are probably stagnant in your career.
  • The ultimate test of a job well done is if our customer gives us another more challenging job.
  • A&T Systems is bigger than the sum of its parts. Or, Team work can bring about values not inherent in the individual a players.
  • An organization is best built on everyone’s strengths.

Guiding rules of conduct that make us