Workflow Management

A&TVantage supports multilevel approval in the ordering workflow engine. It supports up to 10 levels out-of-the-box.

We will configure workflow processes in A&TVantage to match your work-approval processes. We will tailor the solution for ordering and approval hierarchies based on roles, automated notifications, etc. We will modify workflow role/user assignments and permissions to comply with your policies and procedures—to ensure accountability for devices and services ordered. We have implemented similar solutions for our current customers.

You can leverage our process management workflow for these functions:

  • Use business process logic to automate functions with specific trigger points/milestones: e.g., if a user orders a new device, the system automatically initiates a disconnect for the old one
  • Use critical telecom logic specific to each carrier to automate service order management, trouble ticketing, and tracking
  • Gain consolidated view of all inventory elements and invoices for particular service/network to optimize the network and ensure appropriate billing and cost allocation
  • Quickly and easily transition from one vendor to another or from one service to another (e.g., from cell phones to Blackberries), enabling a faster Return on Investment
  • Reconfigure and test right in the browser should the workflow change; the system requires no special software coding skills or tools to maintain this workflow
  • Purchase a wireless device and wireless plan based on an approved catalog
  • View rate plan details and coverage maps
  • View devices and hardware details
  • Purchase accessories