Invoice Audit

A&T fully understands the invoice management and audit services requirements as we have been providing similar services to government customers for the past 12 years.

We support most domestic, international, regional, and local carriers including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, USA Mobility, American Messaging, Deutsche Telekom, ASC, SFRFrance, RogerWireless, OrangeBusiness, and Optus, to name a few. Our portal supports over 100 Out-of-the-Box invoice formats from carriers/vendors globally

We use A&TVantage’s inherent capabilities to load all vendor invoices into the portal electronically and paper invoices manually. A&TVantage will consolidate all invoices received from carriers and other vendors into a single consolidated invoice to present to you monthly.

Having pre-configured Out-of-the-Box audit rules applicable to wireless carriers in A&TVantage offers DHS many benefits, including:

  1. Less transition-in time: we do not have to write custom audit rules
  2. More cost savings: we have already developed these audit rules to maximize cost savings due to billing errors
  3. Cost avoidance: alerts us about optimization opportunities


One of the strengths of our solution is that our solution’s Financial Management Module, Service Order Manager Module, and Inventory Modules (Equipment and Circuit Manager) are all fully integrated and available via the portal 24/7