TEM Services

We offer full suite of services generally required for telecom expense management services utilizing functionality of A&TVantage:

Ordering & Procurement Services

You can outsource to us complete ordering and procurement services worry free. A&TVantage offers a role-based, secure, centralized cellular wireless management portal available enterprise -wide with ordering and procurement functionality fully integrated.  Read more..

Provisioning Services

Outsourcing not only reduces the overall cost associated with provisioning the services but also brings benefits listed below:  Read more..

Workflow Management

A&TVantage supports multilevel approval in the ordering workflow engine. It supports up to 10 levels OOB. Read more..

Contract Management Services

We provide teleco contract management services for all carrier contracts for their devices, service plans, features, Terms and Conditions, and SLAs and will ensure that your organization stay on track with your budgets and can make adjustments based on user’s usage profiles, etc. Read more..

Dispute Recovery Services

The dispute recovery process begins after A&TVantage automatically audits all invoices against pre-defined audit rules and generates billing exceptions. Billing Specialists will then generate an exceptions summary report by simply clicking on “Run Report”. Read more..

Rate Plan Optimization Services

Our optimization effort combines our powerful A&TVantage tool with analysis from our experienced TEM Billing Specialists who design/adjust reports to gain critical data and then after they obtain the data, analyze issues, trends, and exceptions to determine the best options for you. Read more..

Contract Optimization Services

We review existing carrier contracts, sourcing options, and offerings and compare those to identify and recommend better or lower-cost structures—the most favorable carrier contracts in the market. Read more..

Asset and Inventory Management Services

A centralized, accurate wireless inventory is critical to bill validation and accurate audits and savings. A&TVantage supports asset and inventory management services.  Read more..

Device Disposition Services

A&T supports complete or partial disposition, replacement, sale, exchange, reimbursement, disposal, and refurbishment or recertification of devices via our partner that is world’s largest electronic sustainability companies. Read more..

Invoice Management and Audit Services

We support most domestic, international, regional, and local carriers including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, USA Mobility, American Messaging, Deutsche Telekom, ASC, SFRFrance, RogerWireless, OrangeBusiness, and Optus, to name a few. Read more..

Bill Payment Services

A&T is financially stable company that has been in business for 33 years. In the past 6 years, we have served 15+ Federal agencies. As an example, on the USARC contract, we paid telecom bills for all carriers for 10 years, involving 50,000 invoices valued at approximately $100M over the life the contract. Read more..

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