Delivering Savings

So how do we deliver savings for you with TEM?

We deliver savings for you in multiple by:

  1. Automating your manual processes, including ordering, procurement and provisioning, with state-of-the-art telecom management portal, A&TVantage.
  2. Providing better visibility into your telecom spend through consolidated inventory and asset management, dashboard, and comprehensive reporting.
  3. Enforcing organizational policies of who is authorized to purchase what.
  4. Managing your telecom contracts with carriers.
  5. Auditing the bills you receive from carriers to make sure bills are accurate, you are being billed for what you use and at the negotiated rates.
  6. Disputing and efficiently resolving the bills when we find inaccuracies.
  7. Making sure that you are not paying for devices that your staff is not using.
  8. Selecting the most cost effective carrier with best service coverage for each user.
  9. Optimizing rates plans and taking advantage of features such as pooling of minutes.
  10. Negotiating contracts with carriers so you get the best rates.
  11. Paying carriers’ bills efficiently, so your organization can just pay one consolidated bill every month.
  12. Cost effectively disposing or recycling wireless devices.


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