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Call Center Migration & Implementation

Call Center Migration & Implementation

About the Customer

A U.S. State central Information Technology agency provides Amazon Connect Contact Center that allows customers to use cloud-based contact center functions in a highly adaptable environment. The State agency provided Connect leverages AWS services like Connect, Polly, Lex, Pinpoint, Lambda, S3, and more along with a variety of digital and voice channels to provide the end user a fully immersive experience in order to meet their needs.

Customer Challenge

A State agency’s challenge was the existing legacy Call Center solution was nearing EOL, did not provide advanced feature sets that the agency can benefit and with updating its interactive voice response system provided reporting.

Partner Solution

A&T Systems, Inc. (A&T) provided the State agency with technical Cloud services to design, implement and migrate the client from the existing legacy contact center to Amazon Connect. A&T assembled a team of Solutions Architects and Engineers to align on a strategy, architecture, and tactical migration plan.

A&T replaced existing ACD and IVR Develop all current use cases and customer flows with improvements where possible and add enhancements:

  • ContactLens- transcription, call categorization, topics, and analytics
  • Wisdom – real-time knowledge search for agents
  • BI Dashboards – Visualize operational metrics and surface insights from analytics

Connect Implementation—-Replicate all current call flows as they exist today with the legacy

  • Includes the IVR-side of the API to DRIVES Callback in Queue and Scheduled Callback Customer Profiles with detailed interaction history
  • Includes prompt generation via text-to speech with audio preview Screenpop to DRIVES (based on URL)
  • Enhanced Capabilities–ContactLens- transcription, call categorization, topics, and analytics
  • Provides visibility into call drivers and topics
  • Redacts PCI from call recordings and transcripts
  • BI Dashboards – Visualize operational metrics and surface insights from analytics
  • Customer Profiles – Agent Desktop with interaction history

Amazon Web Service (AWS) Applications

AWS Connect AWS Kinesis AWS Lambda AWS Config
AWS S3 Trusted Pinpoint AWS DynamoDB AWS CloudWatch

Results and Benefits

Migrating to Connect enabled the Agency to significantly reduce spending and invest those funds into other modernization efforts. With its new cloud-based system, the Agency can now do more with less. The Agency will be able to increase the self-service rate of constituents to 25% to 40% of calls, which will free up contact center agents and lead to better service for callers. This success story has caught the attention of other agencies.

About the Partner

A&T Systems is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and an Authorized Government Reseller Partner. A&T is an authorized AWS Public Sector partner, Govt Services partner, Public Sector Solutions Provider and Partner Transformation Program (PTP) graduate.

A&T Systems has been a trusted advisor to the Government for almost four (4) decades, holds several ISO certifications and has been an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner for over nine years. Clients find that A&T is Flexible, Responsive, Innovative, Stable, and Cost-efficient (FRISC).