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ECS III: A buyer’s guide (A-C)

January 27, 2003

As part of our coverage of the Electronic Commodity Store III program, Federal Computer Week has compiled a synopsis of the products and services available from ECS III contractors.

The information is not comprehensive — some contractors sell thousands of products — but the listings show the breadth of offerings available from contractors and highlights products or services of particular interest, giving customers an idea of where to start shopping.

The contact information was downloaded from the ECS III Web site and verified by the companies. The contractors provided product/service categories and highlights, although this information has been edited for clarity and length.

A&T Systems Inc.

Contract no.: 263-03-D-0512
Address: 12200 Tech Road, Suite 100
Silver Spring, MD 20904
Phone: 1-866-4-ECSIII (1-866-432-7444)
Fax: (301) 384-1405
Small, disadvantaged business

Product/service categories

Servers, desktop computers, notebook and handheld computers including tablets, printers, monitors, plasma displays, networking and telecommunications equipment, video wall systems, telemedicine systems, medical-grade monitors, medical research and diagnosis components, scientific workstations, knowledge management software, international worker-tracking software, databases, security, operating systems and other software, warranty and support services.


  • G1440 i1440 software for tracking international employees, students and visitors, in compliance with immigration laws.
  • PresentationPro Inc. software for enhancing Microsoft Corp. PowerPoint.
  • Apollo Telemedicine telepathology system for remote consultations, analysis, diagnosis and treatment of patients.