NITAAC, National Institute of Health (NIH): A&T Systems has been selected as one of the Electronics Commodity Store III (ECS III) Prime Contractors by the National Institute of Health (NIH). The ECS contracts have historically been one of the most successful government wide excess of $5.5B over the 10 years. Of particular note is the fact that A&T’s proposal was evaluated as number one of all proposals submitted by small businesses and number six overall. ECS III represents an exciting contract vehicle that allows federal customers to procure the products and related services they want, when they want them, without the need for dealing with traditional procurement delays. The NIH contracting office, NITACC, has streamlined the process to more closely resemble the commercial marketplace, offering procurement assistance, expedited processing and competitive fees.
Program Electronics Commodity Store III (ECS III)
Agency NITAAC, National Institute of Health (NIH)
Contract No. HHSN263999900427I – Prime Contractor
Period of Performance 2003-2013
DUNS No. 15-387-0530
A&T PM Adam Nouravarsani
301-384-1425 x343
Contract POC Kevin O’Neill
301-384-1425 x314

Information Technology Products and Related Services for all Federal Agencies

  • Competitively awarded GWAC
  • Orders accepted via EDI, fax, email form customer or NITAAC
  • No minimum or maximum order size
  • Unlimited IT product offerings in multiple “lots” or categories
  • Counts towards small business goals
  • Exceptionally easy to use
  • Delivery order turned around approximately 10 days after receipts

More Information Visit NITAAC ECS III Customer Support Center Website or
Call the NITAAC ECS III office at 1-866-4-ECSII or 1-866-432-7444 to register to use the ECS III contract.