Army Information Management Communications Systems (IMCS III): A&T Systems received an award of a 5 year – $850 Million Army-wide IDIQ contract through which Army can issue task orders for any of the Army bases
Program Information Management and Communication Systems III
Agency US Army, ITEC4-W Contracting
Contract No.
W91RUS-15-D-0004 – Prime Contractor
DUNS No. 15-387-0530
Team Members A&T teams with specific company for specific Army bases to offer the best solution to the Army
A&T PM Jeffery Williams
Contract POC Ashok K. Thareja

Summary: Provide telecommunications, information technology, and visual information services

Perform Administration and Project Management: Support systems and services and provide parts, supplies, tools, equipment, and vehicles not provided by the Army. Includes legacy, current, and new systems (future) at various lifecycle stages for NETCOM Baseline and Mission Unique/Above Baseline Services. Support includes all contractible functions referenced in the current Army Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information Management (C4IM) services list, to include these:

  • Administrative Telephone Services (ATS): Automated Directory Assistance; inside plant switching complex; customer services (telephone); outside plant (cable)
  • Information Technology Services: Local Area Network administration and server and system administration and maintenance (classified and unclassified), service desk, software installation, hardware and software troubleshooting, VoIP/VoSIP (classified and unclassified), and web site administration support
  • Video Teleconferencing (VTC) Support: Establishing and scheduling of VTCs (classified and unclassified); configuration management of the installation infrastructure to include creating and updating drawings using Computer-Aided Drawing engineering support
  • Information Assurance Services: Ensure that Carlisle Barracks staff receives appropriate training in a timely manner and earns required security certifications
  • Telephone Switch Tier II/III Support: Nortel main switch and remote switching nodes and Avaya VoIP
  • Visual Information Systems: Production control; photography; digital photographic based services; custom lab work editing; design and illustration, desktop publishing; custom crafted projects; design multimedia for CD-ROM, DVD, and web; audio restoration and archiving; long-distance learning; media conversion and archiving; auditorium support; closed circuit television broadcasting; television production; audio editing/recording; reproductions; and storage
  • Land Mobile Radio Network: Infrastructure operations and maintenance of analog and digital trunked radio communications systems (network and control system management and towers)—involving microwave radio, digital and analog multiplex equipment, receivers and transmitters, digital and analog receiver voting systems, timing/synchronization oscillator systems, simulcast control systems, computer control systems, Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) console switches, consoles, and mobile and portable radio equipment