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September 25, 2000 — Toronto, Canada

Kasten Chase (TSE: KCA) today announced the receipt of a purchase agreement for RASP Secure Access from the US Air Force’s Scott Air Force Base for high assurance secure remote access to Secret data.

Scott Air Force Base, located in Illinois, is one of the oldest, continuous service Air Force installations in the United States. It hosts two major commands: Air Mobility Command and
the United States Transportation Command. It also provides services for other large organizations such as the Air Force Communications Agency and the Defense Information Technology Contracting Office. Scott Air Force Base employs over 35,000 personnel in the execution of its duties.

“This sale is highly relevant to the company as it acknowledges the initial success of our sales drive into larger scale opportunities,” stated Jim Davies, president and chief operating officer at Kasten Chase. “Our execution strategy of leveraging our base of widely deployed systems to a broad range of US government departments and agencies is beginning to deliver value as initial system purchases begin to turn into larger scale adoption by individual customers such as Scott Air Force Base.”

To date, Kasten Chase has deployed 219 systems to 116 US Government agencies and departments.

Alan Kittson, vice president of sales for RASP Secure Access, noted: “This is the first sale resulting from our recently announced sales and marketing partnership with A&T Systems
Inc. of Silver Spring, Maryland and our inclusion on the GWAC procurement vehicle. Clearly, the significant benefits of establishing such market based partnerships and aggressively pursuing registration on major purchasing contract vehicles is becoming increasingly apparent and is delivering true near term value.”

Scott Air Force Base purchases exceeded $400,000. The majority of the procurement was for RASP Secure Access and included an initial purchase of a quantity of RASP Secure Media software packages for strategic deployment. The customer has selected full system support and training options to complement system deployment.

“We see this sale as an indicator of the strong support for our RASP security offering among our target customer base,” continued Mr. Davies. “The RASP system’s ability to effectively
support larger scale deployment in mission critical environments is a strong testament to the high level of security, quality, integrity, robustness and scalability of the system. Kasten Chase is quickly becoming synonymous with best of breed, high assurance security systems which exceed rigorous and exacting standards and deliver unprecedented levels of privacy and protection.

About RASP Secure Solutions

Certified by the U.S. National Security Agency, RASP Secure Access is the first complete remote access security solution designed to access and protect Government mission-critical information. When used in accordance with NSA policies and guidelines, RASP Secure Solutions may be used to protect Classified (up to and including the Secret-level) and Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) data.

Portable and cost-effective, RASP Secure Access provides remote laptop users with secure, dial-up connections to local-area networks (LANs) from any location that offers a connection to the local telephone service. These remote users can access the same services available to users attached locally to the LAN. RASP Secure Access is a multi-faceted remote access security solution, providing user authentication, link encryption and PC data security. It prevents unauthorized network access and protects against intercept attacks on data transmitted over public telephone lines.

RASP Secure Media is a data-protection application that ensures the confidentiality and integrity of information stored on a personal computer. RASP Secure Media encrypts sensitive data stored on the PCs hard disk and removable media, including the operating system, system files, applications and user data. It protects all sensitive information stored on laptop and desktop PCs, and it works in conjunction with RASP Secure Access™ to safeguard data downloaded from secret networks.

To learn more about RASP Secure Solutions, please visit www.rasp4secret.com.

About Kasten Chase

Kasten Chase is focused on providing technology for the purposes of delivering advanced, fully integrated data communications solutions in the areas of data security, Internet access and wireless data communications. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with U.S. offices located in Reston, Virginia. For further information, visit www.kastenchase.com

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