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Breakthrough In Mainframe Migration Technology Helps DFAS (DoD) Modernize Mission

September 18, 2002 — Silver Spring, MD (INTERNET WIRE)

Breakthrough In Mainframe Migration Technology Helps DFAS (DoD) Modernize Mission Critical Legacy Applications

Tominy, Inc., an A&T Systems company, an awardee of GSA Industry Partner Award for two years in a row, successfully completed a major mainframe migration at Defense Finances and Accounting Services
(DFAS), under a GSA FAST contract. DFAS has inherited many legacy systems that run on IBM Corp. or Unisys Corp. mainframes. Audrey Y. Davis, CIO DFAS defines the DFAS vision as: “the large part of the strategy has been: Let’s get rid of the legacy systems, turn them off and replace them with something new” and “We’ve been moving toward an open Unix environment, which really puts us at a mid-tier platform.”

A case in point is the mission critical DIFMS-NIMMS application that processes about $26 billion dollars a year for the Army, Navy and Air force and supports more than 4,000 users. DFAS has tried re-engineering the DIFMS-NIMMS application for the past several years and was not confident about the success of the re-engineering effort. They were looking for an innovative alternative to run this application on an open UNIX-based platform. Tominy, Inc., provided them just such an alternative. Using their auto-enabled tools Tominy migrated this application, which contains almost 3 million lines of COBOL code, along with the associated DMS 1100 database from the Unisys 2200 platform to the SUN/Solaris platform with Oracle 8i as the application RDBMS. The project was completed in just 13 months. The agency is in the final stages of completing the system testing and will bring it online later this year. Audrey Davis, DFAS CIO says, “But so far the projected benefits are tremendous, just in processing costs. So, we’re looking at rehosting in other cases”

According to Vijay Thareja, CEO of Tominy, Inc., ” Tominy’s auto-enabled tools played a key part in our completing the DIFMS-NIMMS project in record time and on a firm-fixed price contract.” Tominy migration tools and services are based on patented technology that allows migrating applications from several mainframe platforms to UNIX or Windows environment with any target relational database without changing any business rules. The savings on the maintenance costs can be 40 to 60%. ROI of the migration is 36 to 40 months.” Mr. Thareja can be contacted at 301-384-1425×324 or by email at [email protected]. The Tominy website address is www.ats.com .