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Rate Plan Optimization

Our optimization effort combines our powerful A&TVantage tool with analysis from our experienced TEM Billing Specialists who design/adjust reports to gain critical data and then after they obtain the data, analyze issues, trends, and exceptions to determine the best options for you.

We have developed tools and processes that are in-place to provide rate-plan optimization. For example, a custom proprietary tool is Rate Optimizer, which lets authorized users:

  • View the current rate plan summary information
  • View an average of their last three months usage
  • Receive a recommended rate change


The Rate Optimizer calculates the optimum rate plan for the overall pool plan usage. It compares all available rate plans of all carriers. There are several options in developing recommendations:

  • Show only existing carrier plans
  • Set a threshold % for change recommendations
  • Require approval for change request
  • Force change


We provide you the best options by offering detailed data analysis on

  • Rate-plan types in use
  • Number of lines for each service type
  • Total number of service providers
  • Data and voice usage patterns
  • Minutes pooling at the component level
  • Low-cost features to avoid surprise overages and fluctuations in month-to-month direct costs


This will assist you in lowering direct costs.

We also analyze rate plans and service accounts for account consolidation to improve management—for procurement, billing, invoicing, and overall reporting, which will reduce indirect costs and improve efficiencies.

We work with carriers to implement approved recommendations.

During the next three months, we monitor and analyze costs and present recommendations at the following quarterly optimization review.