Ordering & Procurement

You can outsource to us complete ordering and procurement services worry free. A&TVantage offers a role-based, secure, centralized cellular wireless management portal available enterprise -wide with ordering and procurement functionality fully integrated.

Critical capabilities of our turnkey solution include managing order creation, status, and tracking; approval management; order fulfillment and installation; and control of changes/disconnects.

A&TVantage features an easy-to-use catalog to display approved devices, service plans, and accessories from multiple wireless carriers and vendors. Based on the roles of the assigned to your staff, the catalog will display a tailored component-specific subset of the master catalog with approved devices, accessories, and associated plans.

The portal provides your management and staff complete visibility at every step of the way.

A catalog with detailed device, services plan, features, and accessories specifications helps make informed decisions based on requirements.

Order approval via a multilevel order workflow with order-tracking milestones at each step allows tight management of the complete ordering process. A&TVantage incorporates closed loop processes that account for all steps and inform stakeholders with automated email notifications—steps that prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.