Dispute Recovery

The dispute recovery process begins after A&TVantage automatically audits all invoices against pre-defined audit rules and generates billing exceptions. Billing Specialists will then generate an exceptions summary report by simply clicking on “Run Report”.

Our experienced Billing Specialists review/research each flagged exception and potential billing issue for all invoices every month and dispute potential cost-savings with appropriate carriers.

A&TVantage offers a unique capability of creating cost savings tickets for each billing issue disputed with carriers and tracks them through to final resolution.

In A&TVantage, a cost savings ticket can have either an “Open” or “Closed” state. When a Billing Specialist creates a ticket, it is “Open”. Our staff will capture the claim type (e.g., carrier line charges are incorrect), payment type (e.g., one time or recurring overcharge), detailed description, current month charges, expected monthly charges, and onetime credits in the ticket.

Billing Specialists then uses their experience to negotiate with appropriate carriers to recover the disputed amounts and close cost-savings tickets. We will close the cost-savings tickets after we actually verify the carrier has credited the disputed amounts on your accounts in the subsequent bills. Billing Specialists will update the “Actual Amount Received” field in the ticket and close it. Our system automatically adjusts credits received based on individual user and component’s chargeback code within A&TVantage. We offer a closed-loop process and perform tracking within the portal so we track all disputes to final resolution.