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Contract Optimization

We review existing carrier contracts, sourcing options, and offerings and compare those to identify and recommend better or lower-cost structures—the most favorable carrier contracts in the market.

We also use other optimization approaches—e.g., developing scenarios for:

  • Consolidation of carriers
  • Migration of lines between specific carriers
  • Rate-plan types including other charges in existing contracts—overages: international usage, excessive data access / internet use, tethering, text messaging, downloads, and subscriptions
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Overage costs vary among carriers so we can capitalize on analysis to realize optimal cost savings and quality improvements. We will implement approved recommendations and will report savings realized.


What-If Tool: A&TVantage has a built-in “what-if” analysis tool to run different scenarios—to compare migration from one carrier to another in phases and learn the impact on cost during the transition time.