Contract Management

We provide contract management services for all carrier contracts for their devices, service plans, features, Terms and Conditions, and SLAs and will ensure that your organization stay on track with your budgets and can make adjustments based on user’s usage profiles, etc.

The A&TVantage Finance Management module is the standardized service contract repository for virtually all agreements, enabling compliance checks of performance billing against contracted expectations and corporate policies. It also tracks carrier SLAs.

We work with multiple domestic and international carriers to obtain copies of their wireless service agreements, contracts, and other records with pricing, T&Cs, SLAs, etc.

We create and maintain single database repository for all contracts in A&TVantage: e.g., current and old copies of all wireless service agreements; contracts; minimum annual level commitments; discount thresholds; fixed/ recurring rates, credits, sub contracts, amendments, SLAs, and other necessary documents such as T&Cs as attachments, contract details (value, utilization percentage), signatories, additional vendors, contract terms and key dates, comments, and allowed services.

The advantage of a single contract data repository is that we can track any changes and generate automated notifications about key events such as contract expiration dates, annual review dates, and discount thresholds