Asset and Inventory Management

A centralized, accurate inventory is critical to bill validation and accurate audits and savings. A&TVantage supports asset and inventory management services.

A&TVantage delivers a sophisticated but easy to use tracking/managing of agency wireless devices/services.

Inventory Manager Module creates/maintains a dynamic central repository of all wireless, voice, and data networking assets across the organization.

It includes, but is not limited to, service lines, smart phones, cell phones, Personal Digital Assistants, broadband cards, satellite phones, pagers, and tablets. A&TVantage will serve as a single data repository to collect and mine data against all inventory.

A&TVantage provides an easy to use, intuitive tool for MACDs and disposal of all devices.

Since we perform all MACDs inside the portal, our centralized inventory database refreshes automatically, ensuring that any inventory changes and additions occur in real-time.