Deployment & Maintenance

At A&T Systems, we have the Rx for your EMR Needs

At A&T Systems, we are computer scientists and Information Technology engineers. We are qualified by eClinicalWorks as their Preferred IT Vendor and can deliver superior value to our health care practice providers because we have invested in the technology and developed the training and technical support necessary.

A&T can implement an EMR system for your practice, train you to use it effectively, and maintain it after “Go-Live” with our 24×7 remote monitoring and break/fix services.

A&T Systems will keep your network running efficiently at optimal effectiveness with proactive managed services and superior network performance. You will have a secure and reliable network with minimal disruptions to your mission critical practice!

After you engage us – installing your EMR is a simple 3-step process:

  1. We perform an Office Needs/Readiness Assessment.
  2. We configure your Local Area Network, Firewall, Redundant ISPs, Failover, Wireless Access, and Deploy any new equipment required.
  3. We support you with a Post Go-Live Maintenance & Support Plan.