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What Do I Need to Know?

For your needs assessment, we will spend between 60-90 minutes with you in your office. If you have a floor plan of your office suite available, that will be helpful. We would like to find out about your practice and what your vision is for the EMR and PM system and then take a look at each machine/device in your office to determine its compatibility with the eCW application. If you have a list of computers in your office, that will speed the process.

We examine the equipment in your office to make the recommendations for any changes that are needed. The site survey is an examination of your infrastructure from the ground up. It includes inspection of your existing data wiring and consideration of future growth. We determine if your existing computers and hardware can be used, and when new equipment is needed we recommend the best in business-class eCW-approved and compliant hardware.

We will check each machine’s cpu speed, ram memory, hard drive space, and bandwidth speed of your internet connection, if one exists. We will not load or download any files. We will compare your current devices to eCW’s minimum requirements and show you which are eCW compliant, which can be utilized with an upgrade, and which are not able to be used.

If you like, we will share “Best Practices” and “Lessons Learned” from other eCW implementations so that you can benefit from other providers’ experiences. We will review our Installation & Maintenance Agreement and answer any questions you have about A&T’s services.