Health IT

Customer Requirements

Medical providers need to convert data from paper to electronic medical records to share information with insurance providers, hospitals, specialists, government agencies, and patients in a secure environment, including HIPAA stipulations. This conversion links medical records to the patient profile to enhance medical diagnosis and treatments. Since most practices lack the IT expertise to accomplish this conversion and to maintain the system after implementation, they turn to companies such as A&T for these services. They often need consultation at two levels: 1) system solution integration issues such as how to match hardware, software, and network requirements to the electronic medical records applications and 2) organizational process concerns about how to make IT decisions, procure products, and train staff on how to function in a totally electronic records environment.

Our Solution Strengths and Discriminators

At A&T Systems, we have the Rx for your EMR Needs. At A&T Systems, we are computer scientists and Information Technology engineers. We are qualified by eClinicalWorks as their Preferred IT Vendor and can deliver superior value to our health care practice providers because we have invested in the technology and developed the training and technical support.

We can implement an EMR system for your practice, train you to use it effectively, and after you Go-Live help you maintain it with our 24×7 remote monitoring.

A&T Systems will keep your network running efficiently at optimal effectiveness with our proactive managed services and superior network performance. You will have a secure and reliable network with minimal disruptions to your practice!

Installing your EMR is a simple 4-step process that A&T can help you accomplish or that you can explore independently:

  1. Conduct an office needs assessment
  2. Configure your local area network, firewall, failover, redundant ISPs, & wireless access
  3. Install your hardware and software
  4. Choose post Go-Live support



eClinicalWorks (eCW) EMR software is an industry-proven standard in the field of Electronic Medical Records. With over 40,000 healthcare providers in all 50 states, eClinicalWorks is a great solution for practices of all sizes, from regional hospitals to small practices.

Our Experience

A&T Systems has equipped numerous healthcare providers in the Washington DC, Maryland, & Virginia metropolitian areas with eClinicalWorks EMR software. A&T Systems was chosen by eCW as their Preferred IT Vendor in the Mid-Atlantic region. To date, A&T has participated in over 400 installations of the eCW application. Whether you are a one-provider practice or need a multiple-branch setup, we can find a solution for you. From installation and training to future support, we are committed to helping you every step of the way.

Why eClinicalWorks?

eClinicalWorks EMR software is a great choice for any practice, no matter how big or small. Since eCW is a hosted application, all the work and worry of maintaining servers and backing them up is handled by eCW in the datacenter to assure you of data integrity. A broad spectrum of connectivity options allow you to access patient data from Windows mobile devices, and Tablet PCs. 802.11 Wireless Technology gives you the freedom to do your charts in the examination room or at your desk. With advanced reporting features, like reporting with drill-down and custom report writing based on meta-data, and because it uses secure XML to exchange data within your office, eClinicalWorks has a solid speed advantage compared to the competition.

eClinicalWorks is a leader in the ambulatory clinical systems market. The company’s unified EMR/PM system manages patient flow from check-in to check-out and streamlines processes regardless of practice size, specialty, or number of locations. Its solutions extend the use of electronic health records beyond practice walls with the latest technologies and create community-wide records.

eClinicalWorks has the flexibility and functionality required to deliver healthcare that is both efficient and effective, making quality medical care and transportability of patient health records a reality. With an established customer base of more than 40,000 providers and 120,000 healthcare professionals across all 50 states, eClinicalWorks has been awarded multiple top industry honors, including being named to the Inc. 500 in 2009, 2008, and 2007, and prominently placed in a report released by IDC’s Health Industry Insights, titled Healthcare Provider Industry Short List Ambulatory Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records.

eCW Preferred IT Vendor

In recognition of the training and qualification A&T has acheived with supporting eClinicalWorks, A&T has been selected as one of eCW’s Preferred IT Vendors. Let us show you how our expert assistance and responsiveness can benefit your practice.

Fred Sanders, VP of Health IT Call or Email – 301-384-1425 x320 –

Barbara Pompili, EMR Consultant Call or Email – 301-384-1425 x242 –

Mureed Nazir, Chief Technical Officer and PM Call or Email – 301-384-1425 x334 –

Success Stories

Our practice has had a truly wonderful experience with A&T Systems both during our implementation and maintenance for our EHR. The staff is very prompt to respond to questions and issues that we have. A representative comes out to our practice the same day that we place a call, and they are very good at ensuring that we understood how they addressed the issue before they leave. We are notified immediately by A&T if any part of the system is not working and again the issue is promptly addressed. I would highly recommend A&T Systems to other potential clients.

Lisa Rainey, MD Single Provider Practice
Alexandria, VA

A&T Systems has been masterful in helping primary care practices overcome the complexities of technology in implementing office-based electronic health records.

Brian Jacobs, MD Vice President & Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO)
Children’s National Medical Center

A&T has been very professional, very helpful and receptive to our needs. Your staff is very knowledgeable and not at all pushy. They take the time to explain what is going on and teach us. They also take the time to listen to us and sets up the IT according to our need. They are dependable and follow through with what they are working on. They are very flexible to accomodate ECW’s last minute technical requests as well as our requests. I unreservedly recommend A&T. It would have been a lot more painful and chaotic without your staff’s professional and courteous help.

My-Huong Nguyen, MD Primary Pediatrics
Three Office Location Practice Laurel. Bowie & Silver Spring, MD

A&T Systems did an excellent job with the implementing of ECW for our medical practice. Through an initial assessment, setup, and monitoring, A&T was responsive to our questions and needs. Everyone was courteous and professional and always willing to work with us in order to provide the least disruption to our office routine. They certainly made a difficult process much smoother. I would not hesitate to highly recommend A&T Systems.

Louis Bland, MD Primary Pediatrics Eleven Provider Practice
Silver Spring, Laurel and Bowie, MD

Our implementation process installing ECW went very smoothly. A&T Systems’ staff was great and very helpful. They were very conscience of how busy we were and tried to work with us to install our new equipment when there were down times. We also have great on going support.

Denise Davis, Seven Provider Practice Manager The Pediatric Care Center
Bethesda, MD

A&T Systems has been a great help in our transition from paper charts to EMR! We made the decision to go with A&T as our IT company for this transition due to their knowledge and experience with eClinicalWorks and it has definitely paid off. Thank you A&T Systems!

Susan Der, Three Provider Practice Manager Takoma Park Pediatrics
Takoma Park, MD