Cloud Computing & Datacenter

  • Cloud Computing Solutions
    – Cloud Migration
    – Cloud Security
    – Cloud Storage
    – Consolidated Billing and Service Catalog
    – Managed Services
    – Multi-Cloud Orchestration
    – Professional Services
  • Datacenter Consolidations
  • Server and Storage Virtualization

With rapidly evolving technology, every project A&T Systems’ now performs leverages and/or supports our competencies in cloud architecture, design, implementation, and support.

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Success Stories

United States Geological Survey

USGS engaged A&T to provide Cloud Hosting IaaS and PaaS services. The RFP called strictly for AWS products. As part of basic requirements, A&T stood up a Virtual Data Center (VDC) in 4 weeks, thereby meeting a very stringent completion target. Soon thereafter, though, USGS realized it needed managed services, governance support, and technical-team leadership. Due to A&T’s expertise, we responded to this need quickly. Our CTO provided key consulting services, so USGS asked him to lead a 50-member cloud implementation team that involves 60+ departments. Within 6months, USGS gained sufficient confidence in A&T’s cloud expertise that it authorized hiring 22 A&T staff not in the original contract.

District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority

Provide turn-key cloud cloud-based IaaS and PaaS solution for the District of Columbia Healthcare Exchange (DC’s Affordable Care Act tool) that serves DC residents, including Congressional staffers from all 50 states. At its 2016 Public Sector Summit, Amazon Web Services awarded a City on a Cloud “Best Practices” citation to the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority for innovations on its Cloud Services project. As a prime contractor on this project, A&T provided AWS IaaS, PaaS, and the security ATO that contributed to the project’s success.