A&T SystemCore Managed Services

Operation & Security Management for Customers with existing and new AWS Accounts

AWS Well Architected Structure

The AWS Well Architected Framework (WAF) is a systematic approach to evaluating architecture, customer operations and workflows in Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments with a fundamental goal to enable our customers to measure their AWS architecture against best practices and address any shortcomings in their existing Cloud architecture.

This is accomplished by performing a Well Architected Review (WAR) built upon a well-structured checklist based on the principles within each of the six pillars. This compilation of best practices and design principles helps A&T effectively evaluate system architectures based on customer’s needs and goals. Team A&T’s standardized AWS Cloud architecture is built around the following well architected pillars:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Cost Optimization; and
  • Sustainability

Security Managed Services

A&T’s cloud security services focus on managing security and compliance. Our security services encompass assessment, implementation, and support so customers can focus staff on strategic priorities and gain confidence that security-related targets are met. For Security, A&T offers a multi-tiered approach to applying security standard best practices to all customer environments.

We adhere to the guidelines and recommendations found in the AWS Well Architected Framework Security Pillar and perform comprehensive environmental Security analysis when architecting any new environment and perform these reviews quarterly for existing customer environments.  A&T employs a variety of techniques to harden the customer environments Security Posture including the use of Security Checklists, and multiple runbooks covering cost optimization and savings.

A&T holds an existing Authority to Operate (ATO) for FISMA Moderate and has worked on FISMA High in cooperation with a DoD and civilian agencies.

Customer Engagement Process

A&T Account Management services are primarily divided into two broad types:

  1. Existing customers with existing AWS account that A&T will assume account management and billing services
  2. New AWS accounts that A&T or customer will launch and will assume account management and billing services

A&T Systems Tiered Managed Services Options

A&T has further refined our comprehensive AWS Managed Services that we offer to our customers. A&T uses document sharing and change management sources as a central repository for all our Playbooks (consistent with a prompt response to failure scenarios with documentation and investigation process), Runbooks (consistent of prompt responses to well understood events by documenting procedures, Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), knowledgebase, and workflows for all tasks required to provide Managed Services for Cloud customers.

We have identified and offer several tiers of Managed Service shown in Figure below.

The Managed Services A&T offers can vary by contract based on custom requirements; and these are the baseline managed services we offer to you, our customer:

  1. AWS Well Architected Services
  2. Operations and Service Management  Services
  3. Dashboard and Reporting
  4. ITIL Change Advisory Board (CAB) Services
  5. Operational Monitoring Services
  6. Security Services
  7. Backup Management Services
  8. Cost Optimization Services
  9. Storage Management Services

A&T Systems Tiered Managed Services Price