Big Data Cloud Solution

Click to download v2A&T Systems, an AWS government-competency reseller, has teamed with Databricks to offer a one-stop, proven data solution that combines the leading big-data SaaS tool, Apache Spark, with a seamless cloud platform on which to address all big-data goals and challenges. A&T will design, architect, and implement the cloud solution and then provide on-going managed services to make Databricks tools available to users.

The Challenges We Solve

Data is spread out across the organization in disparate silos, and the use cases to create value from data are becoming more sophisticated. As the volume and complexity of data grow, the problem is only worsening—creating the need to deliver insights faster. Moreover, the ability of teams to prototype and operationalize data-driven solutions is also hindered by fragmented systems and tools, each with limited capabilities, as well as the inability to easily leverage more data science to make smarter decisions.

What is the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform?











Databricks Benefits

Acceleration of ETL: Makes your data stores accessible to anyone in the organization and enables your teams to query the data directly through a simple-to-use interface without cumbersome ETL / ELT processes. The virtual analytics platform democratizes data access by uncoupling storage from compute and providing infinite scalability, to increase agility and better cost management. With Databricks, you can always get the resources to analyze your data by just scaling up the compute resource in a short burst.

Zero Management Apache Spark: Enables your teams to provision highly available and performance-optimized Spark clusters in a self-service fashion, allowing everyone to build and deploy advanced analytics applications with no DevOps expertise. With Databricks, your team will always have access to the latest Spark features so you can leverage the latest innovation from the open source community and focus on your core mission instead of managing infrastructure. Databricks also offers monitoring and recovery mechanisms that automatically recover clusters from failures without any manual intervention. With Databricks your infrastructure will be fast and secure without any custom work in Spark.

Agile Data Science: Databricks provides an integrated workspace that fosters collaboration through a multi-user environment that allows your team to build new machine learning and streaming applications on top of Spark. Through an interactive notebook environment, you can also create dashboards and interactive reports—allowing everyone to visualize results in real-time, train and tune machine learning models, or easily use any Spark libraries to process data. The integrated workspace helps developers and data scientists reproduce analysis more easily, reuse more code, and simplify the entire workflow.

Data Security: Federal clients have the most rigorous standards for security and compliance. Databricks provides Role-Based Access Controls, full auditing and logging, SAML-based authentication, and the security controls to achieve the most demanding Government security cerrtiifications. Databricks meets all requirements of Intelligence Community Directive 503 (ICD-503) and has been authorized to operate at HHS, DHS, and many other Federal agencies.