Digital Content Management Cloud Solution

Click to download v2A&T Systems has teamed with EidosMedia to offer a one-stop, proven data solution that combines the leading digital content management (DCM) tool, Méthode, with a seamless cloud platform on which to address all DCM goals and challenges. A&T will design, architect, and implement the cloud solution and then provide on-going managed services to make Méthode available to users. EidosMedia is a proven AWS Advanced Partner worldwide.

What is Méthode and who uses it?
Méthode is an “industrial-strength” digital content management system used by news and global banking organizations throughout the world to create and distribute controlled, fact-checked, high-value content through multiple channels within critical timeframes and security constraints.

EidosMedia Methode Platform

What are its strengths?
Méthode applies intelligent automation to work processes in authoring, editing, and distributing digital communication. By eliminating routine manual tasks, Méthode lets users concentrate on their content and their audience. The software reduces the time to delivery for urgent, qualified communications.

What can government clients do with Méthode?
Using Méthode, government agencies can collate data and information from GOTs, COTS, OSINT or subscriptions services, wire services, and social media sources to produce timely, up-to-the-minute reports.

Within Méthode this material forms an easy-access content hub for researchers, authors, editors, and analysts to produce communications for citizens (gray box in diagram below) or business (blue box) or to share with other governmental bodies (red box), such as the FBI, Justice or other collaborating agencies—all of this from a single, secure system.

What about the User Interface?
Users can access the Méthode workspace using a variety of devices from desktop to mobile. Browser and app-based clients need no installation or maintenance on user platforms.

Authors use a clean, user-friendly, MS Word-like interface to create media-rich content and deliver it through multiple channels from web to print, mobile apps, and social media.

What can Méthode connect with?
Méthode owes its versatility to its end-to-end deployment of XML, JSON, and HTML5 standards that allows easy information exchange with other platforms and close integration with Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite applications.