Cloud 1-2-3

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Cloud 1—Governance

Effective IT governance helps in successfully aligning IT with business needs. A&T has developed the “A&TVantage™ Cloud Governance Model” that leverages A&T experience in Public-Sector focused Cloud solutions, managed services, and deep understanding of industry best practices.

A&T Governance Model

A&T assists clients with three types of governance issues: technical, business/organizational, and legal. Examples of each type:

  • Technical: Change and data management policies, compliance with technical and security requirements, high availability, redundancy, DR
  • Business/Organizational: CSPs technical/financial status, division of responsibility within organization, cloud policies and processes, and risk
  • Legal: Privacy laws; data breaches; who owns technology, service, and interfaces; liability for data breaches; policies to provide digital forensics data


Cloud 2—Professional Services

Benefits of Using A&T Professional Services:

  1. Client’s staff can concentrate on their own existing competencies
  2. Client’s staff do not need to incur steep learning curve to become conversant with cloud technical details
  3. Developing governance structure is more efficient and faster
  4. Client obtains an optimal architectural design more quickly
  5. Fast Solution Guarantee: A&T can deliver a preliminary solution in 3 days
  6. Move to the cloud with confidence by leveraging the experience of A&T cloud architects and engineers

Our experience has shown that often after clients acquire AWS Cloud services, they struggle with one of two dilemmas: 1) they possess internal expertise to support the Cloud environment but lack sufficient resources to support it the way they would like to or 2) they lack internal expertise to implement and manage the environment and create/maintain associated governance policies. A&T can help by providing these activities:

A&T Professional Services


Cloud 3: Managed Services

Managed Services