GSA Connections II

GSA Connections II (2011-2020): Equipment, labor, building, and campus infrastructure solutions, including infrastructure design, installation, and implementation; professional services to support existing networks; transition planning and integration services; and customized client-specific systems

Program GSA Connections II
Contracting Agency General Services Administration
Contract No. GS00Q12NSD0001; A&T Systems, Inc. – Prime Contractor
Contract End Date 01/18/2021
DUNS No. 15-387-0530
Labor Pricing Section B- Labor-price-Description-AGF.pdf
Payment Terms Net 30 Days
A&T PM/Contract POC
Jeffrey Williams
Phone: 770-310-0801

Four flexible solution sets that GSA CNX-II provides:

  1. Communications and networking
  2. Building or campus facility preparation
  3. Operations, administration and management (OA&M)
  4. Customer service and technical support

Federal agencies can request work in one or more solution sests or request an entirely new solution.

Delivery Order Turnaround
  • Approximately 10 days after receipt for equipment
  • Support services within fourteen days
  • Rapid response and delivery

Access to multiple types of task orders:

CONNECTIONS II features either fixed-price (FP) or time-and-materials (T&M) Task-Order types. The Government can compete and award a Task Order themselves or contact GSA customer representatives to use GSA’s assisted services. All orders must provide fair opportunity in accordance with FAR 16.505.

Let A&T Systems be your end-to-end telecommunications solution provider. Agencies can use CONNECTIONS II along with transport contracts such as Networx or local telecommunications contracts for easier management of your telecommunications service and infrastructure.

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Task Order Types: FP or T&M
  • Contract Usage Fee: 1.5%