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GSA Connections I

GSA Connections (2003-2010): Telecom and network services for office building, campus, or base environment to deliver any demand for equipment, support services, or customized solutions.
Program GSA Connections I
Agency General Services Administration
Contract No. GS00T03AHD0001; A&T Systems, Inc. – Prime Contractor
DUNS No. 15-387-0530
Payment Terms Net 30 Days
A&T PM Adam Nouravarsani
301-384-1425 x343 or 301-905-2634 (mobile)
email: adam@ats.com or cnxinfo@ats.com
Contract  POC Kevin O’Neill
301-384-1425 x314 or 301-605-2141 (mobile)
email: kevin.oneill@ats.com

Telecommunications equipment and services to support building and campus infrastructure needs

Delivery Order Turnaround 
  • Approximately 10 days after receipt for equipment
  • Support services within fourteen days
  • Rapid response and delivery

Click on the following links to review the latest Connections CLIN based catalogs:

  • Category 1 – Equipment for Voice, Data and Video
  • Category 2 – Support Services for Professional, Technical and E-Business Services
  • Category 3 – Solutions for turn-key solutions involving Voice Communications, Data Communications, Cablie and Wire Management, Voice and Video Conferencing, Billing and Account Management, Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Available to all Government organizations worldwide

Ordering Instructions – How to Use the Connections Contract  A&T Systems, Inc. has been selected as one of the Connections Prime Contractors by GSA FTS, Regional Services Program. A&T
will be providing products and services in all three contract categories:Equipment and Services, Support Services and Solutions. Connections represents the single largest telecommunications contract vehicle available to the federal government and will allow federal customers to procure the products and related services they want, when they want them, without the need for dealing with traditional procurement delays. GSA FTS has streamlined the process to more closely resemble the commercial marketplace, offering procurement assistance, expedited processing and competitive fees.
FAQs Q: Where can I get more information on the Connections contract?
A: You can contact the A&T Connections Program Manager at 1-800-933-1425 x343 or email the Program Manager – cnxinfo@ats.com

Q: Who can use the Connections contract?
A: Connections is available for use by all federal agencies.

Q: Do I need to pre-register to use the Connections contract?
A: No. You will, however, be asked your company information when you place the order with A&T Systems.

Q: What types of products and services are available?
A: The contract is divided in three unique categories, as well as subcategories. They are:

  • Equipment and Services: Voice, Data, and Video
  • Support Services: Professional, Technical, and E-Business
  • Solutions: Voice Communications, Cable and Wire Management, Voice and Video Conferencing, Billing and Account Management, and Customer Support and Technical Service